About us

William's British Style Meats, Ltd.

920 Eastland Avenue

Kingstree, SC 29556

Tel: 843-355-6447



Currently we are selling out of our production facility at Williamsburg Packing Company Inc. 920 Eastland Avenue, Kingstree, SC 29556 tel: 843-355-6447. That is where we ship from and our freezers are there.  We have a wider variety of our products there.



We are the only British Style Pork Processor in America that produces “Real Wiltshire style” Back Bacon and Gammon products that uses true to the “Wiltshire Cure” method of curing Back Bacon, Gammon Ham, and Boiling Bacon. Many others inject their products with Phosphates and use a method called “vacuum tumbling” to speed up the curing process. This breaks down the tissues and changes the physical properties of the Gammon products.

Our process uses the 200+ year old “Wiltshire Cure” method of curing our products. We will never supply you with Back Bacon, Gammon Ham, or Boiling Bacon, that has not been cured using the “Wiltshire Cure” method of curing. Having lived in Wiltshire for almost 12 years, we take pride in carrying on the true “Wiltshire Cure” method of curing Back Bacon, Gammon Hams, and Boiling Bacon.