We have a minimum order of $ 89.50 which translates to about 10 lbs. of products, anything less does not have the mass to retain its cold for the 2 days of shipment.

A half empty container of sausages or bacon may arrive spoiled and we do not want to disappoint you.

All of our products, except canned goods, are shipped in frozen. They are placed in insulated containers with gel ice.

Our packaging is sufficient to keep the products 48 hours either frozen or thawed but cold.

Your products may arrive thawed, but they will be cool to the touch.It is ok to refreeze your sausages and bacon.

They can be refrigerated for up to 3 days before cooking, or can be immediately refrozen and they will last in the freezer for up to 3 months.Our insulated, reusable, shipping container will hold 12-13 lbs. of products depending on the size of the items ordered, and these extra few items can be added without extra shipping costs.

                                                                    Although we quote FedEx 2 day express shipping, in cases where we can ship your order FedEx Ground in 2 days, East of the Mississippi, we charge you the ground rates and reduce your shipping rates to reflect our actual shipping charges.

This has been a practice we have done for years as our old customer will agree. So if your shipping charges look too large and you live East of the Mississippi, rest assured we will charge you the 2 day ground rates.

We are in the business of making the best Sausages and Back Bacon in America, not making money off shipping charges.

To insure your order does not sit in a warehouse over the weekend, we ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We can make overnight shipments on Thursday and Friday, but they may incur additional delivery charges for Saturday delivery.